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How to search

Choose the search criteria from the list on the left (side of the screen) and click the [Search] button. If you want to clear the search criteria, click the [Reset] button.

Search criteria

You can check the summary of search criteria, by opening the [Search Terms] tab.

Contents of the result.

  1. The number of search outcomes
  2. Page No.
  3. The number of results per page
  4. Application ID
  5. Chemical structure
  1. Chromatogram
  2. Compound Name
  3. Column name and size
  4. Mobile phase
  5. Operation button

Enlarge the chemical structure and chromatogram

You can enlarge the chemical structure and chromatogram by clicking here.

Operation button

New Window
Create a new window.
Download the application data in PDF form.
Create a new appication data window in PDF form.
Add Bookmark
Add the application data in your bookmark.


Click [Add Bookmark] to add the application data in your bookmark. The link of bookmarks will be displayed on the right edge of the window. Click this link to check the bookmarked application datas. You can register datas up to 50.

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