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Search by Name

Compound Name

You can search by compound name. This is a partial match search.


You can search by compound's property

Structural Components

'Structural Components' takes you to a screen where you can choose various structural features. This type of search may help you when the exact structure of the compound you wish to separate is not present in the application data file. This is often the case for new chemical entities that have not so far been separated. In order to assist with the identification of potential separation conditions, the applications in the data files have been classified by the structural components present in the tested molecules. By selecting among these structural components those which are also present in your compound, you may find results applicable to a similar structure (search by similarity).

A search is carried out by selecting the groups and subgroups of interest in the roll-down list. The structural groups are listed in alphabetical order. To start click on Search. Your choice is automatically shown in the top right hand side box. For instance, if your first choice is 'Amino' and the 'Primary Amino', you can click again on the right arrow of Structural Components and have the choice between seven Structural Components: Amide, Amino, Aromatic, Asymmetric Carbon, Halogen, Hydroxy and Nitrile. The applications shown will be only of compounds containing all these structural elements. The number of application found is amended accordingly. For instance, in the example discussed above, "Amino" + "Primary Amino" + "Nitrile" will give you only one compound separated on two columns.

Column Trade Name

'Column Trade Name' takes you to a screen with a single roll-down list that contains all columns in the data set. Selection of any column will result in a set of applications carried out on that column. Click on the Structure window of the Application List to get the Results.

Mobile Phase

'Mobile phase' takes you to a screen with a list where you may chose among the main chromatographic modes :

  • Normal phase contains applications on the new immobilised CHIRALPAK®IA, IB, IC, ID, IE and IF columns, where you may chose between:
    • Primary Screening Solvent, including the best solvent combinations to achieve >99% success rate for our immobilised columns
    • Secondary Screening Solvent, including other chromatographic solvents which can be applied for increasing sample solubility & stability for our immobilised columns
    • Applications using the traditional alkane/alcohol solvents on Daicel CHIRALCEL and CHIRALPAK coated columns
  • Water compatible, where you may chose between:
    • Polar phase includes applications on the new CHIRALPAK ZWIX(+) / ZWIX(-) and on both coated and immobilised columns using polar organic solvents such as pure acetonitrile, pure alcohols, and their mixtures.
    • Reverse phase includes applications on both immobilised and coated columns using water or buffer-based solvents.
  • SFC includes applications using the most useful co-solvents in CO2 for chiral supercritical fluid chromatography.
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