Chiral Application Search

The Chiral Application Search has been developed to help you find the best enantiomeric separation.
By searching structure and application you will be able to access over 1600 chiral separations some of which offer multiple separation conditions.
We have included examples of CHIRALCEL®/CHIRALPAK® (Polysaccharide, Protein and Quinine/Quinidine) and CROWNPAK® (Crown ether) columns.

In addition, the application data of certain generic API compounds which are registered with the “USP, EP and JP Pharmacopeia are included alongside suggested alternative conditions found by Daicel scientists.

  • Search by Name

    Search an application data by selected compound name, property, structural components, column trade name and mobile phase.

  • Search by Drawing the structure

    Search an application data by draw a structure. And narrow the search by mobile phase and column trade name further.

  • Search by ID

    Search an application data by the application ID.

  • List of API

    List of application data by API in accordance with pharmacopeia of USP, EP and JP.

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